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The 'Pussy Riot' Arrests, And The Crackdown That Followed.

According to Russian journalist Masha Gessen, the 2012 arrests were the start of a campaign by Vladimir Putin and his supporters against government critics. Gessen, who is also an LGBT rights advocate, recently moved to New York with her partner and their children in response to the anti-gay laws Russia passed in June.


'Death And The Penguin' Captures Post-Soviet Reality.

Ukrainian novelist Andrey Kurkov writes short, surrealistic stories full of dark comedic surprises. His latest is The Case of the General's Thumb, but critic John Powers suggests starting with his 1996 novel, Death and the Penguin. It's a fast-paced, witty read and what Powers calls "an almost perfect novel."


Putin Biography Chronicles Rise Of A 'Street Thug'

Media suppression, corruption and murder have marked the regime of Vladimir Putin, who is running for hi third term as president in Russia's election next week. His rise to power is spelled out in journalist Masha Gessen's new book, The Man Without a Face.


James Traub On The Russia-Georgia Conflict

Russia and Georgia have signed a cease-fire, but the conflict continues. Journalist James Traub, author of The Freedom Agenda: Why America Must Spread Democracy (Just Not the Way George Bush Did), discusses the latest developments.


Oil and the 'New International Energy Order'

With both the cost of and demand for oil rising, nations with large energy reserves are redrawing political and military alliances, and oil-rich countries like Russia and Venezuela are enjoying greater influence. Michael Klare, author of Rising Power, Shrinking Planet, calls it the "new international energy order."


Underground Russian Rock on Tour in U.S.

Fresh Air music critic Milo Miles reviews music from Russian rock group Auktyon. The band is currently on tour in the U.S. Auktyon, like some other Russian rock groups, found their footing during the censorship-free period of glasnost in the former Soviet Union under Mikhail Gorbachev.


The History of the Alliance Between Russia and Serbia.

Journalist Serge Schmemann is foreign editor and former Moscow Bureau Chief for The New York Times,and a Pulitzer Prize winner. He'll discuss the situation in Kosovo, and Russia's response. And he'll talk about his own family's exodus from Russia, pushed out by the Russian Revolution. His new book "Echoes of a Native Land: Two Centuries of a Russian Village." Schmemann is the descendant of several families of the higher Russian nobility. He was born in Paris.


Russia's Relationship with Serbia.

Journalist Fred Hiatt is a member of the Editorial page staff for the Washington Post. He's also the paper's former Russia correspondent. He'll discuss Russia's position on the Serbs, and the NATO bombings.


Elections in Post-Soviet Russia

Assistant Professor of Political Science, Sarah Mendelson. She spent a year in Moscow working for the National Democratic Institute. Her work helped the Russian reformist political parties in their preparation of the Parliamentary and Presidential elections. The goal of the Institute is to bring modern Western campaign techniques into Russian elections. Mendelson also talks to Terry about being a young American expatriate in the former Soviet Union. She currently teaches poltiical science at the State University of New York at Albany.


Stephen Handelman Discusses the Russian Mob.

Foreign Correspondent Stephen Handelman He spent nearly six years in the former Soviet Union as chief of the Moscow Bureau of the Toronto Star, where he covered the final years of the Soviet regime. His new book Comrade Criminal: Russia's New Mafiya (Yale) examines and uncovers the intricate networking of the post-Soviet criminal underworld. Handelman is also the author of Uncommon Kingdom. He is currently an associate fellow at Columbia University's Harriman Institute.


Mystery Writer R.D. Zimmerman Discusses His Experiences in Russia.

Mystery Writer R.D. Zimmerman (real name Robert Alexander). He is a member of the Mystery Writers of America, and has written mystery jigsaw puzzles as well as short mysteries that appeared on the backs of 15 million boxes of Total Cereal. His new book Red Trance (Morrow), is a Russian mystery of hypnotic detection. Zimmerman also talks about his business dealings in Russia, and the corruption he faced as a result.


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