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Larry David

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Actor Jason Alexander.

Actor Jason Alexander. He's best known as George Constanza on the NBC series "Seinfeld", where he plays Jerry Seinfeld's best friend. Alexander won a Tony Award in 1989 for his performance in "Jerome Robbin's Broadway."


TV critic David Bianculli

TV critic David Bianculli reviews Curb Your Enthusiasm the Larry David series on HBO which just concluded its second season.


Larry David's First Time On Broadway: 'It's Not So Easy!'

Larry David wrote and stars in a new play that has broken the all-time record on Broadway for advance ticket sales — more than $14 million. Fish in the Dark is a comedy about a family's rivalries and dysfunction as its patriarch passes away. David tells Fresh Air's Dave Davies that the idea came to him when a friend's father died.

Writer and actor Larry David

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