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Local Television Commercial Stars Talk Shop.

Ben Krass of the Krass Brothers clothing store and Aaron Levin of Aron Levin Galleries are businessmen known in Delaware County for their television commercials. They join the show to discuss why they chose to create their own television advertisements, and how the ads have effected their businesses and images.


Working Toward a Solar Future

British-born economist Hazel Henderson sees an economy based on renewable energy and environmentally-sound industry as the best path forward for the United States. She argues that tax cuts and subsidies associated with Reaganomics are hindering such efforts.


Congressman Bob Edgar

The Pennsylvania Democrat works to counteract the policy positions of the moral majority. He sees hope in the rise of prominent moderate Republicans to steer the direction of the Reagan administration toward less conservative economic and foreign policy decisions. Fresh Air listeners call in with their questions.


Liberalism's "Road from Here"

Democratic senator Paul Tsonga argues that political liberalism has become untenable, particularly with regard to domestic economic policies. He argues for what he dubs "compassionate realism" as a guiding principle for the United States. Fresh Air listeners call in with their questions.


An Overview of Communism Worldwide

The historian and prolific writer talks about the influence of communist organizations and movements in the United States and abroad. He is careful to point out the positive influence of communists in American labor movements, and cautions against viewing communism in different countries as a monolithic force.


Labor, Race, and Gender in the United States.

Philip Foner is the foremost historian on the labor movement in the U. S. He is the author of over eighty works, including a four volume history of the American labor movement, "Organized Labor and the Black Worker," and "Women and the American Labor Movement," the second volume of which was recently published. He is currently a visiting professor at Rutgers University.


Al Malmfelt On Running an Art Cinema.

Al Malmfelt is the current head of the Theatre of the Living Arts (TLA} cinema on South Street in Philadelphia. The theater was recently threatened with closure in order for Steven Starr to build a nightclub. The TLA has escaped that fate for now. Malmfelt discusses the cinema's founding and current situation, as well as doing business on South Street.


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