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Neil Welliver's Paintings of Maine.

Painter Neil Welliver is known as "neoimpressionist" and for his landscapes of the Maine countryside. He divides his time between Maine and Philadelphia where he works at the University of Pennsylvania. The Institute of Contemporary Art at the University is hosting a exhibition of his work, "Neil Welliver: Painting 1966-1980."


The New Wave of Expressionism in Modern Art.

Fresh Air arts critic Judy Stein shares upcoming arts events in Philadelphia and reviews the New Expressionist show of painting and photography, "The Raw Edge," at the Cheltenham Arts Center, as well the show of Post-Modern prints, "The New Image" at the Association of American Artists Gallery.


Village Voice Art Critic Peter Schjeldahl.

Village Voice art critic Peter Schjeldahl ("shell-dahl"). He's just published a new collection of his writings from the late 70s to 1990. The collection's called "The Hydrogen Jukebox." It's published by the University of California Press.


Artist Robert Irwin.

Artist Robert Irwin. He's been a pivotal figure in American Art for over 30 years. He was one of the creators in the late 60s of the "light and space" movement, using unobtrusive objects, such as light, tape, and string to alter the viewers perception of the space in which the work is found. His work can be found in public spaces throughout the country, often using material natural to that environment, and delving into the "character" of the place.


From Bauhaus, A Visionary Mix Of Art And Industry.

The Bauhaus was one of the most important and exciting social and artistic movements of post-World-War-I Germany. Founded by architect Walter Gropius, the movement lasted 14 years until the Nazis finally forced it to shut down. An astonishing exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art gives a thorough view of the precise but imaginative products of Bauhaus.


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