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Paul M Weyrich

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Paul Weyrich Brings a Conservative Voice to Television

Founder of National Empowerment Television (NET) and president of the Free Congress Foundation, Paul Weyrich. Weyrich is a staunch conservative who wants to lead people out of political apathy and towards involvement and influence. The NET likes to refer to itself as C-SPAN with an attitude. And conservatives, especially Newt Gingrich who hosts his own show on the NET, are big advocates of the programming.


How Political Action Committees Influence Congressional Legislation

Consumer advocate Ralph Nader and conservative Paul Weyrich tell how "legalized bribery" has corrupted our government. The unlikely pair has written an introduction in Philip Stern's new book, "Still The Best Congress Money Can Buy." They say that consumer and safety-oriented legislation gets trampled in Congress because Representatives and Senators work more on behalf of their campaign donors than their constituents.

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