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Margarethe Cammermeyer

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A Lesbian Servicewoman Challenges Her Military Discharge

Colonel Margarethe Cammeryer was named Nurse of the Year by the Veterans Administration and was Chief Nurse of the Washington State National Guard. She was discharged from the service in 1992 because she revealed that she is a lesbian, becoming the highest-ranking officer to be discharged solely for homosexuality. She challenged the ruling, and was reinstated in July. "Serving in Silence" is her new book about her experiences.


Col. Margarethe Cammermeyer on Being Discharged for Being a Lesbian.

Col. Margarethe Cammermeyer, chief nurse of the Washington National Guard. Last week she was discharged from the army for being a lesbian. Cammermeyer is one of the highest ranking members of the military ever to be removed because of her sexual orientation. She served in Vietnam where she received the Bronze Star and in 1985 was chosen from 34,000 candidates to be the Veterans Administration's Nurse of the year. She is challenging her dismissal in Federal Court.

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