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Katha Pollitt

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Katha Pollitt On The State Of The Glass Ceiling

When Sen. Hillary Clinton conceded defeat in the Democratic presidential primary in June, she thanked her supporters for making "18 million cracks" in the glass ceiling. Political columnist Katha Pollitt discusses the historical significance of Clinton's presidential bid.


Katha Pollitt: 'Learning to Drive' in Public

Political columnist Katha Pollitt gets personal in a new collection of essays. Learning To Drive and Other Life Stories covers a range of topics, from Web-stalking a cheating boyfriend to what she learned about her parents using the Freedom of Information Act.


How Ideas of Virtue Can Harm Women

Journalist, critic,and feminist Katha Pollitt writes frequently for "The Nation." The latest edition features her cover story, "Are Women Morally Superior to Men?" Pollitt was asked to sign a women's peace petition on the presumption that women were more naturally opposed to violence, having a special awareness of the precariousness of human life. Pollitt refused to sign and began to think about this assumption and the pitfalls for women who believe it.


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