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Garrett Brown

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Garrett Brown on the Impact of the Steadicam

Brown revolutionized cinematography with the the steadicam, skycam, and the mobicam. The steadicam is a camera-suspension system that eliminates the jiggle in hand-held shots. Brown's work with the steadicam can be seen in "Rocky," "The Shining," and "Return of the Jedi," among other films. The skycam is a suspended remote-controlled aerial camera, which gives the affect of putting the viewer in an airplane. The mobicam is for underwater shots, and has been used in the Olympics.


Getting to Know Philadelphia

Cinematographer and film director Garrett Brown has created the "Philadelphia: Getting to Know Us" advertising campaigns. He returns to Fresh Air to discuss why he wanted to show both the "grimy outskirts" and "scrubbed-up insides" of his home city.


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