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Errol Morris

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Filmmaker Errol Morris

His new documentary, The Fog of War, is a profile of the man many considered to be the architect of the Vietnam conflict, Robert McNamara. Taken from a series of interviews Morris conducted with McNamara, it yields new insights into the mind of the former Secretary of Defense. Morris' other films include The Thin Blue Line, Vernon, Florida, Gates of Heaven, and Fast, Cheap, and Out of Control. He's also done a number of commercials. His clients include Apple, Nike, Miller High Life and PBS.


Documentary Filmmaker Errol Morris on Stephen Hawking

Morris's films include, "The Thin Blue Line," a movie credited with helping to free an innocent man from death row, and "Gates of Heaven." His latest film is "A Brief History of Time," about the work and life of physicist Stephen Hawking. Hawking has ALS, a muscle-wasting disease, which has taken away much of his ability to move. But his billiant mind has been untouched by the disease. Hawking wrote a book about the birth and fate of the universe that was a bestseller, "A Brief History of Time."


A Sea of Conflicting Facts

Errol Morris thinks of himself as much a detective as a documentary filmmaker. Known for his off-beat subjects, he's adopted a more serious tone with his new movie, The Thin Blue Line, about a murder investigation in Dallas. Errol believes the man sentenced to death for the crime, Randall Dale Adams, is innocent.


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