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Dennis Smith

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Writer and Retired N.Y.C. Firefighter Dennis Smith

Writer and retired New York city firefighter Dennis Smith arrived at the site of the World Trade Center towers on the day of the attacks to volunteer with the rescue effort. His new book Report from Ground Zero (Viking) is composed of first-person testimony of rescuers who were there when the towers were attacked and fell, and who helped in the efforts afterwards. Smith spent 18 years with the fire department. He is the author of nine books, including the bestseller Report from Engine Co. 82 about his years in the city's most dangerous and active firehouse.


Firefighters "In Their Own Words"

Dennis Smith says that his own history as a firefighter helped him earn the trust of the people he interviewed for his new book. He talks about firefighter training and culture, and shares some of the personal anecdotes he learned during his research. Smith's first book was called Report from Engine Co. 82


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