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Gershwin, Ira, 1896-1983

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'Gershwins And Me' Tells The Stories Behind 12 Songs

Musician Michael Feinstein chronicles his experience working as an archivist and cataloger for legendary songwriter Ira Gershwin. The book is presented through the stories of 12 of the Gershwin brothers' songs, including "Fascinating Rhythm," "The Man I Love" and "I Got Rhythm."


Pianist and singer Michael Feinstein

Pianist and singer Michael Feinstein. His repertoire is American popular song and he is a collector of vintage recordings and musical memorabilia. In the fall he plans to release a collection of radio duets by Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney, on his new record label Feinery. Feinstein released a new CD with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, Michael Feinstein and the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra (Concord).


Musical Theater Historian Robert Kimball.

Musical theater historian Robert Kimball. Kimball compiled and edited The Complete Lyrics of Ira Gershwin (Knopf) and is artistic advisor to the estate of Ira Gershwin. Kimball knew Ira Gershwin and his wife Leonore. He also edited The Complete Lyrics of Cole Porter.


Trying To Recapture the Gershwin Magic.

Classical music critic Lloyd Schwartz will review two albums of Gershwin songs: "Kiri Sings Gershwin," by Kiri Te Kanawa, and "Gershwin Overtures," by John McGlinn.


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