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In Poland, a Jewish Renaissance

Guest host Dave Davies interviews Rabbi Michael Schudrich, chief rabbi of Poland — and a New York native. He moved to Warsaw in 1990 to help rebuild Jewish communities there. It was a homecoming of sorts: Schudrich's grandparents emigrated from Poland before World War II.


Violinist Itzhak Perlman Expands to Klezmer Music.

Internationally-renowned violinist Itzhak Perlman. He celebrates his 50th birthday this year. He has several new releases, and a PBS special: "The Beethoven Triple Concert" two live concert recordings with pianist and conductor Daniel Barenboim, and cellist Yo Yo Ma. And "In the Fiddler's House," featuring Perlman playing Klezmer music with four Klezmer bands. There's also a PBS Great Performance special on Klezmer music featuring Perlman. (It aired nationally November 27 at 10PM. Check local listings). Both CD's are on the EMI Classics label.


Polish-Born Director Agnieszka Holland

Holland made the critically acclaimed and controversial film, "Europa Europa." Her latest film is "Olivier, Olivier," about a woman reunited with her son six years after he disappeared at the age of nine. Many of her movies deal with the life of Polish Jews, especially during World War II.


"Bohin Manor" Is a Complex Music Box of a Book

Book critic John Leonard reviews the new novel by Tadeusz Konwicki, which fictionalizes the author's family history in Czarist-era Poland. It's complex narrative anticipates the political upheavals by Stalin and Hitler, and the rise of anti-Semitism.


Polish Director and Actor Jerzy Skolimowski.

Polish born film director Jerzy Skolimowski (YER-zee skul-ah-MOSS-skee). His films include "The Shout" with John Hurt, and "Moonlighting" with Jeremy Irons. His most recent film is "Torrents of Spring" based on the novel by Ivan Turgenev and starring Timothy Hutton, Nastassja Kinski, and Valerie Golino. The film opens nationwide January 26. Skolimowski has also acted. He played the evil KGB agent in the movie "White Nights." (Interview by Sedge Thomson)


The Solidarity Resistance Movement in Poland.

Journalist MICHAEL KAUFMAN. His new book, Mad Dreams, Saving Graces - Poland: A Nation in Conspiracy, charts the rise, fall and resurrection of the democratic movement in Poland. Leading this drive has been Solidarity, the shipworkers' union headed by Lech Walesa. But Kaufman also traces the hidden spiritual undercurrents in Polish history and culture and that make this quest toward self-definition considerably more complex. Kauffman served as Warsaw bureau chief for The New York Times from 1984 to 1987. He has also been bureau chief for the Times in Nairobi, New Delhi and Ottawa.


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