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Two New Mysteries Pair Like Arsenic and Old Lace

Commentator Maureen Corrigan reviews two new murder mysteries: the London-set "Original Sin," by P.D. James and "Cranks and Shadows" by K.C. Constantine, which takes place in post-industrial Pennsylvania.


Expanding Your Idea of Geography.

Geographer Wilbur Zelinsky. Zelinsky is one of five editors who compiled "The Atlas of Pennsylvania," a massive, and beautiful, book of maps depicting hundreds of different facts about one state...everything from where the most dairy cows are, to what the favorite baseball teams are in different counties, to where you can still find Bald Eagles. Zelinsky is a professor of geology at Penn State University.


William Penn's "Brotherly Love."

Poet Dan Hoffman joins the show to discuss his poem "Brotherly Love," a long poem about William Penn and his vision for the United States. The poem focuses on Penn's treaty with the Native Americans in the area that would become Pennsylvania. Hoffman is the former Poet Laureate of the U. S. and currently works at the University of Pennsylvania.


Arlen Specter Discusses His Plans as Senator.

Republican Arlen Specter was recently elected as an U. S. senator for the state of Pennsylvania. His political career began when he moved to Philadelphia in the 1950s. He has been the District Attorney of Philadelphia and the Assistant Counsel to the Warren Commission. He joins the show to discuss his plans for the state in the next six years and to answer user calls.


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