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Neil Young's Political Statement

Rock critic Ken Tucker reviews Living with War, a new CD by Neil Young that includes the song "Let's Impeach the President." He posted the entire album on his website last week for free. It's now on sale as a CD.


New Album Proves Protest Songs Can Be Enjoyable.

Commentator Milo Miles introduces us to England's reggae artist and record company owner Linton Kwesi Johnson. He lyrics are a mix of poetry and politics. A new two-cd set called "Independent Intavenshan" features Johnson's music in the 1980's. It is available by Island Records.


Lesser Known Vietnam Protest Songs.

Rock historian Ed Ward plays some of the lessor known, but more effecting, protest songs about the Vietnam War. Artists include: Charlie and Inez Foxx, Jimmy Cliff, Freda Payne, and Grand Funk Railroad.


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