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U.S. Federal Communications Commission

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Net Neutrality: Who's In Charge Of The Internet?

Who regulates Internet traffic? It's a question that the FCC, Internet companies and the telecom industry are fighting over. Wall Street Journal reporter Amy Schatz explains what's at stake for the future of broadband -- and what each side wants in current legal proceedings.


A TV Producer's View of FCC Indecency Policy

Louis Wiley is executive editor of the PBS documentary series Frontline, which has been affected by the Federal Communications Commission's crackdown on indecency in broadcasting. The FCC has increased fines tenfold for material they deem indecent.


Interest Group Files Complaint Over Emmy Language

Tim Winter is executive director of the Parents Television Council (PTC). Last week, the PTC filed an indecency complaint with the FCC over the NBC broadcast of the Emmy Awards because of language used by actresses Helen Mirren and Calista Flockhart.


Watchdog Watching TV

Tim Winter is executive director of the Parents Television Council, a watchdog group that speaks out against sex, violence, and profanity in the media.


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