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Republican National Convention

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Police Response to Political Activism.

Journalists Monica Yant Kinney and Tom Ginsberg of the Philadelphia Inquirer. The two covered the protests during the Republican National Convention two weeks ago. They’ll pick up the story since the convention, and discuss the lawsuits filed against the city on behalf of the protesters. (THIS INTERVIEW CONTINUES INTO THE SECOND HALF OF THE SHOW)


Harry Shearer Discusses the Shadow Convention.

Satirist Harry Shearer, the host of “Le Show,” and the voice behind several characters on "The Simpsons". Shearer is also the author of "It's the Stupidity, Stupid: Why (Some) People hate Clinton and Why the Rest of Us Have to Watch." This week he is in Philadelphia as part of the “Shadow Convention” an alternative to the Republican and Democratic conventions, which covers the issues it says the other conventions won’t touch like campaign finance reform, poverty in the midst of prosperity, and the drug war. (THIS INTERVIEW CONTINUES INTO THE END OF THE SHOW).


Protesting the Republican National Convention.

Protestor Michael Morill is the organizer of Unity 2000 a coalition of groups which is staging a rally on Sunday, July 31st, to cover a range of issues. Morill and his organization sued the city to obtain a permit to protest. Also Amy Kwasnicki is a member of the Philadelphia Direct Action Group which is coordinating three days of protests and civil disobedience during the convention. The group was not given a permit to protest.


Telecommunication Preparations for the Republican National Convention.

The Republican National Convention convenes in Philadelphia in a week. A talk with Frank Punzo, Sales Manager for Verizon Communications which is the official local telecommunications provider for the convention. Punzo is responsible for providing the infrastructure that supports telephone service, video conferencing, internet access and video streaming.


A Democrat's Perspective on the Republican Platform

Political consultant Samuel Popkin. He's an advisor to the Clinton campaign and author of "The Reasoning Voter," a book about how voters chose candidates. He'll talk with Marty about the importance of family values on the campaign, as well as the role of the women in the political process.


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