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Adventures in Jay McInerney's Wine Cellar.

Novelist Jay McInerney (“MAC-in-UR-knee”). He broke onto the literary scene with his bestselling novel “Bright Lights, Big City,” about the excesses of the a Manhattan yuppie in the 1980s. His new book is a collection of essays about the pleasure of wine. It’s called “Bacchus & Me: Adventures in The Wine Cellar” (The Lyons Press).


Francis Ford Coppola On Film, Wine, and Literature.

Director, writer, and producer Francis Ford Coppola. A five-time Oscar winner, Coppola is known for such films as "Apocalypse Now," "American Graffiti," and the "Godfather" trilogy. Coppola continues to create in other arenas, such as wine making, and a quarterly literary magazine "Zoetrope" which he publishes. He and his wife have bought and restored the Inglenook wine estate in Napa Valley. Coppola's new film "The Rainmaker" comes out in November.

Filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola

Edward Behr on "The Art of Eating."

Food writer Edward Behr (pronounced "bear"). Behr writes, illustrates, and publishes the quarterly newsletter, "The Art of Eating." In each issue, Behr writes in-depth, personal essays about food and cuisine. The newsletter's subscription is small, but it's read by a large number of the top names in the food business. (Interview by Marty Moss-Coane)


Robert Mondavi Discusses California Wine Making.

Winemaker Robert Gerald Mondavi. He's credited with being, "one of the world's two or three most influential wine makers." ("New West" magazine). In the 1960's he severed ties with the family's Winery in Napa Valley where his father had been producing bulk wine since the 1930's. He went on to form his own winery, Robert Mondavi Winery, and to put California on the map as a world-class wine producer.


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