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Brad Pitt: 'Moneyball,' Life And 'The Stalkerazzi'

The veteran actor has played a Nazi-hunter, a vampire, a cowboy hitchhiker and the outlaw Jesse James. In his latest film, Brad Pitt plays the manager of baseball's Oakland A's. He tells Fresh Air's Terry Gross why the part interested him and what it's like to live life in the public eye.


Bradley Cooper: A Wild 'Hangover' Set In Bangkok

Bradley Cooper starred as a schoolteacher heading to Vegas for a wild bachelor party in the 2009 raunchy bromance The Hangover. He reprises his role for the sequel, alongside actors Zach Galifanakis and Ed Helms -- and a drug dealing money named Crystal.


James Fallows Discusses the Current State of Journalism.

Washington Editor of "The Atlantic Monthly," and NPR commentator James Fallows. He won a National Book award for his 1981 book "National Defense" about the post Vietnam War era national defense establishment. Fallows new book examines what has gone wrong with the media, how it has failed to meet its public responsibilities, and what can be done about it. His new book is "Breaking the News: How the Media Undermine American Democracy," (Pantheon).


TV and Film Actor John Goodman

Goodman may be best known for his role as Dan Connor, Roseanne's husband on the hit TV show "Roseanne." He also has a successful film career, appearing in "Barton Fink," "The Babe," and "Born Yesterday."


Walter Isaacson's Comprehensive Look at Henry Kissinger

Isaacson has just written an extensive book about the life of Secretary of State and Nobel Prize Laureate. The writer takes us from Kissinger's boyhood in Germany, his family's flight to America in 1938, through his army career, his years at Harvard as a student and later a professor, and his rise to political power. Isaacson notes Kissinger's many accomplishments, but also portrays him as secretive, paranoid and duplicitous.


A Former Radio Host Finds Personal Truths in Fiction

Garrison Keillor retired from the public radio show A Prairie Home Companion in 1987. He says he was overwhelmed by the celebrity, and wanted to focus on writing fiction. Keillor moved with his wife from his native St. Paul to New York City. His recent novel is called Leaving Home; a forthcoming collection of short stories is titled We Are Still Married.


The New Glut of Legends

Language commentator Geoff Nunberg considers the use of the word "legend," which he believes ascribes too much importance to what could more accurately be described as "fame."


A Sci-Fi Icon's Move to the Stage

Leonard Nimoy wrote, produced, and now acts in the one-man show Vincent, in which he portrays Theo van Gogh, brother of the famous painter. He also shares his experiences as a film actor and the impact his celebrity has had on his personal life.


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