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Gwen Verdon

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Remembering Gwen Verdon.

We remember dancer Gwen Verdon. She died today at the age of 75. She became an overnight Broadway sensation in 1953 as a dancer in Can Can, for which she won her first Tony Award. Later she created her most memorable roles in Bob Fosse's "Damn Yankees" as the seductress Lola, "Sweet Charity" as the taxi dancer Charity, and "Chicago" as the chorus girl Roxie. Verdon was also Fosse's third wife. (ORIGINAL BROADCAST from 5/5/93)


Legendary Broadway Dancer Gwen Verdon

Verdon starred in "Damn Yankees," "Sweet Charity." "Redhead," and "Chicago." She won four Tony awards, and she's about to receive a lifetime achievement award from the New Dramatists Playwrights Workshop.


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