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Garrison Keillor

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The Favorite Poem Project.

Last week the opening event of the Favorite Poem Project, was held at New York's Town hall. The Project is part of poet laureate Robert Pinksy's plan to have 1000 average Americans recite their favorite poem and archive it on audio or video tape. The Town Hall event brought together such notable people as Geraldine Ferraro, Arthur M. Schlesginer Jr., and choreographer Bill T. Jones, as well as junior and high-school students. We'll excerpt a part of the event. We feature readings by: Ed Bradley, of 60 Minutes; Louis Rodriguez, a high school student; Dr. Calvin O.


Garrison Keillor on Men and Masculinity.

Storyteller Garrison Keillor. He's the host and writer of "A Prairie Home Companion" on National Public Radio--a show that "pokes at the heart of American sensibilities and sensitivities." His new book is called "The Book of Guys" (Viking). Keillor has written five other books including the best-seller "Lake Wobegon Days."


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