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From the Archives: Capturing the History of Jazz.

Jazz bassist Milt Hinton. He turned 90 years old a week ago today. Hinton is one of the great jazz bassists, having played with musicians like Cab Calloway, Dizzy Gillespie, Coleman Hawkins, Duke Ellington and Billie Holiday. Throughout his career, Hinton photographed the musicians he worked with, and the surroundings he moved through. His books “Bass Line: The Stories and Photographs of Milt Hinton” (Temple University Press), and “Overtime: The Jazz Photographs of Milt Hinton,” (Pomegranate) have been reprinted in paperback. (REBROADCAST from 7/11/88)


A Biography of Fenway Park.

Boston Globe sports writer Dan Shaughnessy who has written the new book "Fenway: A Biography in Words and Pictures." (Houghton Mifflin) The baseball park is scheduled to be torn down and rebuilt in early part of the next century. Shaughnessy has also written "The Curse of the Bambino," "At Fenway," "Seeing Red," "Ever Green," and "One Strike Away."


From the Archives: "When Men Batter Women."

Neil Jacobson was a colleague of John Gottman, a Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Washington, and a pioneer in the scientific study of marital therapy. He died June 2nd at the age of 50, from a heart attack. Last year he and Gottman co-authored "When Men Batter Women: New Insights into Ending Abusive Relationships" (Simon & Schuster). The book is based on their decade of research with 200 couples in which they observed the arguments of severely violent couples.


Environmentalist Doug Peacock on Saving the Grizzly Bears

Peacock has devoted the last 20 years to saving the grizzly bear. Like many Veterans, he had trouble adjusting when he returned from Vietnam. He sought a life of seclusion in the mountains and it was then that he first encountered grizzly bears. Now, he performs research alone through the mountains of Wyoming and Montana studying the behavior, social hierarchy, and communication methods of grizzlies in their natural habitat. His books include "Grizzly Years," "Baja" a memoir of Edward Abbey, "Walking It Off."


How We Remember and Forget

Specialist in memory and language disorders, Dr. Barry Gordon. His book is "Memory: Remembering and Forgetting in Everyday Life." It looks at recognition, recall, memory blocks and the effects of drugs. The book also gives tips to increasing memory recall and dispels some common myths about the brain and memory. Gordon is a behavior neurologist, cognitive neuroscientist and experimental psychologist at Johns Hopkins University. (Rebroadcast)


Dorothy Beam on Accepting Her Gay Son

Joe Beam died of AIDS in 1989. He was a writer who was in the process of editing his second anthology of Black gay writing. His mother Dorothy helped finish the work her son started, and it was published in 1992 as Brother to Brother: New Writings by Black Gay Men. (Rebroadcast)


A Jewish Filmmaker on Interviewing Nazis

Documentary filmmaker Marcel Ophuls is best known for his 1970 work "The Sorrow and the Pity," about the conduct of the French people during the Holocaust. We rebroadcast a clip of him discussing how he feels when he speaks to Nazis or former Nazis about the war. (Rebroadcast)


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